Athletic Award Nominations!

Cannon boasts a whole host of athletic superstars across a range of different sports. We can be particularly excited in the lead up to the Princeton Athletics PVC banquet, as FIVE of our amazing Gunners are up for prestigious awards!

Each year Princeton athletics nominates women of “high scholastic rank who have demonstrated general proficiency in athletics and the qualities of a true sportswomen” for the Otto Von Kienbusch Award. We are extremely proud of Obiageri Amaechi (Princeton Women’s Track and Field) and Carlie Littlefield (Princeton Women’s Basketball) for their nominations.

We also have three Gunners up for The Art Lane ’34 award given in recognition of Service to Sport and Society. Alexa Underwood (Princeton Women’s Volleyball and former Bicker chair), Ryan Schwieger (Princeton Men’s Basketball), and Melia Chittenden (Princeton Women’s XC/Track and Field) are all nominated for the accolade.

We are unbelievably proud of each of our members, and wish the the best of luck not only at the banquet but as they move on from their Princeton Career in style. Congrats Superstars!

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