Officer Bios and Football Updates!

Hi All!

A lot has been going on here at the club! But first, as promised, here are three officer bios.

President Andrew Griffin:

Hello, my name is Andrew Griffin and I am the new Cannon Dial Elm President. I’m a junior Computer Science major pursuing certificates in Technology and Society as well as Values and Public Life (Political Science/Theory). I am also a wide receiver on the Varsity Football Team and was a part of the 2016 and 2018 Ivy League Championship teams. I am the youngest of four children from a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana and have the Great Class of 1972 to thank for my financial support and the opportunity to attend the best university in the nation. Zach and I are managing the 20th Reunion this year, and we are excited to give back to the alumni, both of CDE and the University more broadly. Cannon is my home away from home, and I look forward to fulfilling my role as a servant leader to the members of the best club on The Street. As you have seen, and will continue to see, we have an amazing officer corps that is excited to do all they can for the club. I hope to keep in touch with CDE alumni, from the 20th century to the new generation lead by Connor Clegg and CK (Connor Kelley), in order to maintain the relationships that make this club so great.

Vice President Maddie Staczek:

Hi! My name is Maddie Staczek and I am the new Vice President of Cannon Dial Elm. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and a member of the varsity women’s lacrosse team. Around campus, I am also involved in SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education) and SAWL (Student Athlete Wellness Leader). I’m majoring in sociology, and this summer I will be working in New York City as an intern at a headhunting company for private equity and hedge funds, Ratio Advisors. I’m very excited for my new role here at Cannon and I can’t wait to see what our amazing officer core accomplishes over this next year!

Treasurer Kelli Calhoun:

Hi! My name is Kelli Calhoun and I’m the new Undergraduate Treasurer for Cannon. I am a varsity women’s soccer player from Los Angeles, CA, majoring in the Sociology Department. I also serve as a Student Athlete Wellness Leader and work as an Intramural Supervisor at Campus Rec. At Cannon, I’m excited to work together with our amazing staff, officers, and membership to make sure that we’re able to maximize all that our club has to offer.

Three more bios to come next Sunday!! In other news, members of the football team have been lighting it up on the field.

First, an article written on our very own President was recently published. You can find the link to Andrew’s article here:

Further, the “Ivy Champion Quartet” consisting of members Jesper Horsted, Steve Carlson, Charlie Volker, and John Lovett recently completed a pro day at the school, performing lifting, running, and footwork drills in front of NFL scouts. All four of them posted amazing numbers, and we are so proud of them!

In the 40 yard dash, Horsted ran a 4.71, Carlson ran a 4.70, Volker ran a 4.46, and Lovett ran a 4.56. For the vertical jump, Horsted posted 32 inches, Carlson posted 32 1/2 inches, Volker posted 38 inches, and Lovett posted 32 inches. The boys also bench pressed, broad jumped, and ran multiple routes. We are all so excited for the opportunities to come for these amazing athletes.

Stay tuned for more officer bios coming next Sunday, along with other club news.

New Officers and Updates

Hi all!

As mentioned in the last post, the Club has elected new officers! All 10 of us are excited to start this journey together and continue the amazing work the past officers have done. In order to get to know the new officers better, there will be small introductions posted on the site next week. For now though, here is a list of the new officers: President- Andrew Griffin, Vice President- Maddie Staczek, Treasurer- Kelli Calhoun, Social Chairs- Taylor Baur and Will Gladson, Bicker Chair- Jessie Harris, House Manager- Carly Bullock, Beverage Chair- Zach Keller, Activities Chair- Abby Hack, IM Chair- Bobby Evans.

Athletics Update: Our members have been crushing their athletic events, which does not come as a surprise! Women’s Ice Hockey won the Ivy League, and have begun play in the ECAC tournament. With a win over St. Lawrence on Saturday, they advance to the semifinal game on the 9th.

Men’s Track and Field has won their fifth straight indoor Ivy heps title, and Adam Kelly was named the USTFCCCA Indoor Mid-Atlantic Athlete of the Year. He also qualified for the NCAA Indoor Championships, occurring next Saturday.

Both the men’s and women’s Basketball teams continue their seasons, with Myles Stephens leading Princeton with 21 points on Saturday and four women’s players scoring in double digits in their game against Harvard. Women’s lacrosse opened their Ivy League season this past Saturday, burying Columbia in a 19-1 victory. The men’s team also played at home this weekend, barely losing to a highly-ranked Johns Hopkins.

Lots of exciting things are coming up soon, so stay tuned for more weekly updates!

The New Gunners are Here!

The Bicker Season has come and gone and we have welcomed 105 new members to the ranks of the Gunners!  It was a nearly record setting bicker class with over 200 bickerees coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Day one of bicker was filled with fun games like the classic Nerf Gun battle in the Crane room, the food relay race in the basement, and everyone’s favorite, silent karaoke in the Theatre room.  We found out that some of our new members can really sing and some of them, much like me, cannot.  Overall it was a really fun first day that helped us get to know our new respective members.

Day two was filled with sumo wrestling and two on two conversations with members to learn a little bit more about our bickerees.  Sumo wrestling is always a hit amongst the bickerees and our members and this year was not an exception to the rule.  The final day we had more conversations to learn about everyone a make new friends!  It was a great couple of days getting to connect with everyone and learn about our new future members.

Ultimately, after two days of discussions amongst members we accepted 105 new members representing nearly 25 varsity teams on campus and 35 different club organizations on campus giving us an incredibly well rounded class that we could not be more excited to have!

We welcomed them this past Saturday to the Gunner family and really had a blast celebrating as one big House family.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the selections that we made and look forward to the contributions they will make to the Gunner tradition!


Varsity Athletics Update

Our varsity atheltsics representatives have been killing the game as of late.  Bella Alarie of the women’s basketball team recently set the Ivy League record for points in a game against Columbia in addition to racking up multiple Ivy League Player of the Week awards! Myles Stephens and Richmond Aririguzoh have captured a couple Ivy League Player of the Week awards themselves.

The women’s Ice Hockey team recently won the Ivy League Championship and we could not be more proud of them in their accomplishments this season. They are first in the ECAC and 5th in the country!!! We wish them luck in the last couple of weeks in the season.

Adam Kelly defeated two Olympians in the Weight Throw this past weekend at the Millrose games in New York.  He is currently holds the fifth best mark in the country and is the top Estonian Weight Thrower in the World!

IM Updates

This season we have 5v5 basketball, Broomball, Dodgeball, and Handball.  We have historically cleaned up during this season and we look to extend out lead in the IM Cup Championship!


Sadly, this is the final website update I will post as we have new officer elections tonight.  It has been a pleasure keeping you all updated about the happenings of the best Club on the Street and I hope I have been able to keep you in the loop to the best of my abilities.  Thank you for your support and willingness to keep up with the current members’ pursuits!


Month in Review: Holiday Fun, Ivy League Titles and Awards Won, and More to Come

Hi All,

It’s been a while.  In the last month we have spent half of it at home on Fall and Thanksgiving breaks but that doesn’t mean that there is not a lot to report so let’s hop into it.

Festive Fun Around the House

Last year our IM chair, Spencer Long, came to the Club with an idea to liven the mood around the Club during this time of the year. He went out and bought a fair number of Christmas lights to decorate the Club and everyone loved it.  This year we continued the tradition but decided to one up the performance from last year.  We put up roughly 1000 feet of lights on the House and it is incredible.


As you can see the Club is fully lit and we have had cars stopping to take pictures, children coming up to take pictures with frosty, and members loving every minute of being in the MOST FESTIVE HOUSE ON THE STREET! (Literally no other Club has even come close to the number of lights that we have up, in fact most aren’t even decorated… sad).

But the festivities did not end there.  We had a hot chocolate and cookie decorating night around the House and decorated the Christmas tree, front walk, and stairway as well.  We followed that up with a Bicker event for the potential sophomore class where we built gingerbread houses!  Looks like it is going to be another popular year for Cannon during the Bicker season.  It is truly a joy to be able to walk into this House on a daily basis that feels and looks so much like home!  We had some budding architects as you can see… the picture below really brings out the creative spirit of the Club.


To celebrate the third day of Hanukkah, we also had a cheese and wine night that Natasha Skov and Abby Hack hosted.  It was a lot of fun and was a great way to end a midweek dinner!

Athletics and Awards (There were a lot)

The fall sports season was wildly successful for the University but more specifically the fall athletes of Cannon.  The football team ended their undefeated season in style as they destroyed Penn in the final game of the year.  That night, the University hosted the traditional bonfire celebrating wins over Yale and Harvard.  Captains and Club members Tom Johnson and John Lovett spoke at the celebration and started the bonfire.  Seniors John Lovett and Jesper Horsted were the finalists for offensive player of the year.  Both had historic seasons but John Lovett won the award which was his second in his career, an absolutely incredible accomplishment.

The field hockey team also had a historically great season as they were ranked very highly throughout the course of the year and ended up making it to the Final Four before losing to Maryland.  Our own Elise Wong led the defense as she racked up Ivy League Defensive Player of the Year and First Team All American Awards.  It was truly an amazing year for the team but more importantly (to us in Cannon) an amazing end to a college career for Elise!

In total, more than 15 Gunners received All Ivy Honors and we have close to 30 fall sport Ivy League Champions!  It was a great season and we look to keep the train rolling in the winter season!

IM Updates

The team of Jeff Lee, Jeff Hollis, Jesper Horsted and Andrew Diehl claimed the 3v3 basketball championship over Ivy this week.  It was the groups third straight 3v3 basketball championship.  That same crew looks to win the Wallyball championship as well to take our championship total to 6 on the year.

Upcoming Events

This Saturday we have our winter formals.  The theme is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the dynamic duo of Elias Berbari and Keiko DeClerck is still crushing the social chair game.  It looks to be a lot of fun and we are really excited to see what Bill and the rest of the staff are going to be cooking up!

Stay tuned for the Quarterly newsletter to be coming out soon! Thanks for reading and we will have a post to update you on the formals happenings!

Ringing in the Fall Season

Hi everyone!

Thank you to all of you who came out to join us a couple weekends ago for the Homecoming celebrations.  We were so happy to see all of the alumni back in the house to enjoy a great weekend.

Fall festivities have been abounding around the Club.  Two Thursdays ago, Cannon took members to the Field of Terror in Central Jersey.  It was a ton of fun going through the Haunted House and taking a trip on the Haunted Hayride as well.  It was a great way to get in the Halloween Spirit!

Just this past week we hosted a pumpkin carving study break.  It was a huge hit and we had the whole club smelling like fresh pumpkin (I’ll let you decide if thats a good or bad thing).  We have nearly 20 carved pumpkins as decorations set up around the Club so roll through if you want to see the work that was done!  Below is a little CDE themed pumpkin!


Varsity Sports Update

The football team continues to march on in their winning ways winning the last three games relatively handily.  Again, our Cannon offensive team members continue to roll.  The new breakdown of Cannon offensive success is as follows: Cannon football team members have been involved in 43 out of 46 touchdowns scored on the year… Cannon members have thrown for 19 touchdown passes, caught 17 touchdown passes, and rushed for 24 touchdowns.  The defense has been pretty ridiculous as well holding opponents to less than 10 points per game as well.  They look to stay undefeated but it will be a test next week as they take on Dartmouth, the other undefeated team in the Ivy League.  Show out to give your support to the team next Saturday at Powers Field!

The women’s soccer team takes on Penn next weekend and will win the league with a win.  They have been hot as of late so be sure to roll through their game if you are in the area as they look to add another Ivy League championship to their collection.

IM Updates

The Club brought home two championships this past week.  Jesper Horsted and Andrew Diehl brought home the IM Spikeball championship and the team of Allison Glossinger, Rawlison Zhang, Jeff Hollis, Jeff Lee, and Andrew Diehl brought home the Sang Volleyball Championship.  Both teams were undefeated en route to their championship wins.  The Club looks to retain the Intramural Overall Champions Cup.  We have won the past two years and don’t plan on relinquishing the title.

Semis, Parents, and Touchdowns

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the brief hiatus, the job search grind has been real in the past few weeks but the events at Cannon haven’t been slowing down either!

Two weekends ago, we had our fall semis celebration at the Club and our social chairs, Elias and Keiko, absolutely knocked it out of the park with the party planning preparations!  The theme was a trip around the world.  Each room was decorated with a different country as the theme and Bill and the staff cooked up dishes to fit in with those themes.  It was a great success as we had a ton of members and even more guests maxing out the capacity of the House!

Here is a picture of the officers enjoying the festivities! (8 out of 10 pictured)


This past weekend, we celebrated with out Parents! Our President, Julia Haney, organized the weekend with the help of our Alcohol Chair, Jake Strain, and the Social chairs, Elias and Keiko.  It was a huuuuuggggeeee hit as we had over 120 parents come celebrate with us!  Bill and the staff backed up a great Semis with an even better Parents Weekend so we could not be more appreciative of all the help that he has provided over the course of these past few weekends.

The work isn’t over yet as Homecoming is just around the corner!  We will have activities in the Club all day long and will be open for our annual Foamcoming Party at night that should be loads of fun.  Sunday morning we will be open for brunch from 10 until 130 so stop by and fuel up before heading home.

Varsity Athletics Update

Once again the football team has continued their winning ways.  They smacked Columbia around two Saturdays ago and this week they absolutely trounced Lehigh as well.

Just to put our Cannon Football team members’ success into perspective for everyone out there keeping track… Cannon members on the team have combined for 12 passing touchdowns, 10 receiving touchdowns, and 13 Rushing touchdowns.  Only 1 out of the 26 touchdowns that has been scored by Princeton this year has not been contributed by a Cannon member which is pretty ridiculous.  The fellas look to keep the train rolling this weekend as they play Brown.

The field hockey team just knocked off the number 3 team in the country as well this weekend.  They traveled up to UCONN and beat them in their own stadium.  Junior Grace Baylis held it down in the goal and Senior Elise Wong led a strong defensive charge.  The team looks to keep it rolling as they head into the latter half of Ive League play.

Thanks for sticking with us and check back next week to see some pictures from the Homecoming festivities! We hope to see you there.

Tailgates and More Wins

Tailgate and Football

Cannon opened up the tailgate season with a bang.  This past Saturday was the home opener for the football team and we decided to celebrate by hosting a club-wide tailgate.  We had a bunch of people in the lawn playing games, eating food and just enjoying the camaraderie.

The game went pretty much as expected, our Tigers absolutely obliterated Monmouth, winning by a score of 51-9.  Once again all touchdowns were contributed by Cannon members.  Senior Stephen Carlson caught two touchdown passes, Senior Charlie Volker ran for one, and Senior John Lovett threw for five and ran one in as well.  But the big story of the day was our own IM Chair, senior Jesper Horsted’s record setting day.  Jesper came into the day 2 touchdowns shy of the program touchdown record.  He caught three taking the record outright.

Intramural Update

The Fall IM season is upon us and the Club is off to a hot start.  The flag football team got a big win and the Club’s three Spikeball teams all won their games.  Our championship t-shirts from last year came in and we look to add to the wardrobe with a strong performance this year.

Upcoming Events

This weekend we have our fall semi formal! It will be a journey around the world as we have a variety of different “countries” set up.  Bill and the rest of the staff have a number of amazing dishes on the menu and we could not be more excited.  Check back next week to see pictures of the event.

Alumni in Germany

Kiersten Falck ’18 and Mason Darrow ’17 were able to enjoy some time together in Germany at Oktoberfest.  Here is a picture of the two happily enjoying the festivities.  We are always so happy to see our alumni Gunners maintaining the strong relationships they developed in their time at the Club!