Cannon Dial Elm Club and the other Princeton Eating Clubs face increasing competition from lower cost dining and social alternatives offered by the University. More than in the past, Clubs are the highest cost option for students, and compete on price with each other as well as with the other options. That means that while students’ Club fees allow Cannon Dial Elm Club to provide the best food on the Street and an outstanding social experience for its members, those fees can now provide very little of the money necessary to facilitate the preservation and restoration of our historically and architecturally significant Clubhouse, and to do so in a way that helps further the education of students belonging to the Club.

Accordingly, Alumni Members’ dues are more important than ever in insuring the preservation of Cannon Dial Elm into the future as one of the premier facilities on the Street. Current priorities include retiring the mortgage that funded the rehabilitation and restoration of the Cannon Building to its former condition as an historic Princeton Eating Club; the repair and preservation of its flagstone rear terraces; the restoration of the stained glass windows gracing the Crane Room; and a major HVAC renovation that will protect the Clubhouse’s interior historic paneling and other fittings against damage from the cold of winter and the heat of summer. A special gift to help fund one of these priorities will be most appreciated and your contribution to it will receive name recognition.

Annual Membership Dues contribution levels are as follows:

  • First year after graduation:  $25/year ($50 Leadership Level)
  • Years 2-5 after graduation: $50/year ($125 Leadership Level)
  • Years 6-10 after graduation:  $65/year ($175 Leadership Level)
  • 10+ years after graduation:  $100/year ($250 Leadership Level)
  • TOP GUN:  $1000 or more/year
  • Cornerstone Contributor: cumulative giving of $10,000 or more

Dues and additional contributions can be made in two ways:  (i) through a tax-deductible donation directed to Cannon Dial Elm through the Princeton Prospect Foundation (PPF) founded in 1958, as many of you have done in the past; or (ii) a donation directly to the tax-exempt Princeton Cannon Dial Elm Foundation(PCDEF), formed in 2013 when the Club was reopened; donations to PCDEF may be directed to it in c/o Cannon Dial Elm Club; PO Box 7788; 21 Prospect Avenue; Princeton, NJ 08543-7788, or by clicking on the link below for a secure payment.

Additionally, corporate matching gifts are welcome as are gifts of securities.  Gifts of most securities can be made quickly and easily by electronic transfer, without the issuance of a certificate.  Please contact for instructions.

Cannon Donations Page

Cornerstone Contributors
Mr. Leonard Milberg, 1953, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Fred Bacher, 1956, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Robert Hicks, 1959, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Anthony Atkiss, 1961, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Donald Swan, 1961, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Michael Devine, 1962, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. John Dugan, Jr., 1962, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. William Hilliard, 1962, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. William Langan, 1962, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. David Oxman, 1962, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. W. Gerard Asher, 1963, Cornerstone Contributor
Dr. Vincent Hock, 1963, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. G. Arthur Hyland, Jr., 1963, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Bradley Wells (d), 1964, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Robert Casey, 1967, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr.  Robert Ehret, 1967, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Jay Higgins, 1967, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Richard Prentke, 1967, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Robert A. Axelrod, 1969, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr. Charles Freyer, 1969, Cornerstone Contributor
Mr.  Michael  O’Neill, 1969, Cornerstone Contributor
Top Guns
Mr. Robert G. Fuller, Jr., 1961, Top Gun
Mr. Timothy Burman, 1964, Top Gun
Mr. William Grenoble, IV, 1964, Top Gun
Mr. Edward Murphy, 1964, Top Gun
Dr. Ronald Van Buskirk, 1966, Top Gun
Mr. William F. Etherington, 1968, Top Gun
Mr. Robert Mauterstock, Jr., 1968, Top Gun
Mr. G. Michael Gehret, 1969, Top Gun
Mr. John Freker, Jr., 1979, Top Gun
Mr. Timothy Byrne, 1983, Top Gun
Mr. John Rustum, 1987, Top Gun
Mr. David Kreisler, 1988, Top Gun
Mr. Ralph Wright, 1988, Top Gun
Mr. Michael McDevitt, 1996, Top Gun
Ms. Carole Touma, 2017, Top Gun
Leadership Members
Mr. Peter T. Milano,  1955 *
Mr. James G.  Gilbert,  1958 *
Mr. Thomas Riley,  1960 *
Dr. George Schnetzer,  1960 *
Dr. Thomas Urbaniak,  1960 *
Mr. Robert Villency,  1960 *
Dr. Vincent Menna,  1961 *
Mr. Joseph Prather,  1961 *
Mr. George Khouri,  1964 *
Mr. James Rockenbach,  1964 *
Mr. Keith Kershner,  1965 *
Mr. W. Bruce Leslie,  1966 *
Mr. Barry Bretschneider,  1968 *
Mr. Robert Faron,  1968 *
Mr. A. James  Parish,  1968 *
Mr. Michael Ryan,  1968 *
Mr. Richard Seggel,  1968 *
Mr. Thomas Jelson,  1969 *
Mr. Pat Jurczak,  1970 *
Mr. Charles Grezlak,  1971 *
Mr. Frederick Kurz,  1972 *
Mr. A.A. LaFountain, III,  1972 *
Mr. John Bader,  1974 *
Mr. Paul Myerson,  1975 *
Mr. John Nealon,  1977 *
Mr. Steven Heussner,  1984 *
Ms. Marissa Roman Griffith,  1990 *
Mr. Christopher Mueller,  1991 *
Mr. Charles J. Brucato, III,  1995 *
Mr. Rolando Acosta,  1996 *
Mr. Marc Chabot,  1997 *
Mr. Patrick Leach,  1998 *
Ms. Denna Laing,  2014 *
Mr. Shane Molidor,  2014 *
Mr. Brian Ball,  2015 *
Ms. Meghan Duarte-Silva  Barry,  2015 *
Mr. Nicholas Donatiello,  2015 *
Mr.  Robert W. Dougherty,  2015 *
Ms. Ashley Holt,  2015 *
Mr. Angad Anand,  2016 *
Mr. John Hill,  2016 *
Ms. Lana Polster,  2016 *
Mr. Mike Perloski,  2018 *
Mr. Stuart Pomeroy,  2018 *
Alumni Members
Mr. Lloyd Lochridge, Jr., 1938
Mr. David H. McAlpin, Jr., 1950
Mr.  Peter Benoliel, 1953
Mr. Donald Bear, 1954
Mr. James  Freund, 1956
Mr. Joseph Nishimura, 1956
Mr. E. Barry Nann, 1957
Mr. Richard Orth, Jr., 1959
Mr. Francis Strawbridge, 1959
Dr. David L. Pearce, 1960
Mr. Thomas R. Donnelly, Jr., 1961
Mr. Barry Bosak, 1962
Mr. Carl Esser, 1963
Mr. John Mills, Jr., 1963
Dr. Gregory Riley, 1963
Dr. Lewis Sussman, 1964
Mr. Randall Gressang, 1965
Ms.  Pattie Kennedy Friend, S ’65
Mr. Rand Mulford, 1965
Mr. Mackinnon Simpson, 1965
Mr. David Butler, 1966
Mr. Howard S.  Fredman, 1966
Mr. M. Davis Johnson, 1966
Mr.  Robert Gebhardt, II, 1967
Dr. Walter Kozumbo, 1967
Mr. John Lavieri, 1967
Mr. Michael Stieber, 1967
Mr. Thomas Tillotson, 1967
Mr. Robert Bowditch, 1968
Mr. Jerry Stephenson, 1968
Mr. Mark Olson, 1969
Mr. William Pape, 1969
Mr. James Pyle, III, 1969
Mr. Dennis Murphy, 1972
Mr. R. Alan Woodard, 1973
Mr. William Exley, 1976
Mr. Todd Field, 1976
Mr. John Nealon, 1977
Ms. Christine Carstens, 1978
Dr. Gregory Kernisan, 1978
Ms. Susan K. Peaslee, 1978
Mr. Robert Blumling, 1979
Mr. John E. Hoffman, III, 1979
Ms. Barbara Moore, 1981
Mr.  Rick D’Angelo, 1983
Mr. Mark Dowden, 1984
Ms. Mercedes Naficy-D’Angelo, 1984
Dr. Herbert Conaway,  Jr., 1985
Dr. Stephen Kimatian, 1987
Mr. Ralph Wright, 1988
Mr. Jason Kowalski, 1994
Mr. Thomas Spathis, 1994
Mr. Joshua Steinberg, 1996
Mr. Michael Shanahan, 1998
Mr. Bryan Stroh, 1998
Ms. Jocelyn A. Johnson, 2012
Mr. William K. Krause, 2013
Mr. Max Coale, 2014
Ms. Laura Loughran, 2014
Ms. Megan Lydzinski, 2016
Ms. Katherine Miller, 2016
Ms. Melissa Rojo, 2016
Mr. Mason Darrow, 2017
Ms. Kelsey Koelzer, 2017