To make a donation to the Princeton Cannon Dial Elm Foundation, The Higgins Memorial Fund or become an Alumni Member, click here.

Cannon Dial Elm Club and the other Princeton Eating Clubs face increasing competition from lower cost dining and social alternatives offered by the University. More than in the past, Clubs are the highest cost option for students, and compete on price with each other as well as with the other options. That means that while students’ Club fees allow Cannon Dial Elm Club to provide the best food on the Street and an outstanding social experience for its members, those fees can now provide very little of the money necessary to facilitate the preservation and restoration of our historically and architecturally significant Clubhouse, and to do so in a way that helps further the education of students belonging to the Club.

Accordingly, Alumni Members’ dues are more important than ever in insuring the preservation of Cannon Dial Elm into the future as one of the premier facilities on the Street. Current priorities include continued maintenance and restoration of the building; and, in particular, repointing of the building’s exterior, a multi-season job; delivering more energy efficiency and cost savings by converting the HVAC system from steam to hot water; and upgrading the front walkway.

The Higgins Memorial Fund, named for the club’s benefactor Jay Higgins ’67, will continue to honor Jay by improving the club experience, including providing financial assistance to deserving members who face difficulty in meeting their financial obligation to the club. Cannon Dial Elm seeks members who will advance its goals of diversity, inclusiveness and a lifelong commitment to and engagement with the Club. Operated under the auspices of the Foundation, the Fund will help the club to attract and retain such members, regardless of a student’s financial circumstances.   

Donations to the Fund can be made in three ways: by clicking on the link above and typing in “Higgins Memorial Fund” where it says, “Add special instructions to the seller.” Via Venmo @cannonclub and designating that the donation is for the fund, or, by check made payable to the Princeton Cannon Dial Elm Foundation, noting “Higgins Memorial Fund” in the memo. Checks can be sent c/o Cannon Dial Elm Club; PO Box 7788; 21 Prospect Avenue; Princeton, NJ 08543-7788. 

Annual Membership Dues contribution levels are as follows:

  • First year after graduation:  $25/year ($50 Leadership Level)
  • Years 2-5 after graduation: $50/year ($125 Leadership Level)
  • Years 6-10 after graduation:  $75/year ($175 Leadership Level)
  • 10+ years after graduation:  $100/year ($250 Leadership Level)
  • TOP GUN:  $1000 or more/year
  • CORNERSTONE CONTRIBUTOR: cumulative giving of $10,000 or more

Dues and additional contributions can be made in two ways:  (i) through a tax-deductible donation directed to Cannon Dial Elm through the Princeton Prospect Foundation (PPF) founded in 1958, as many of you have done in the past; or (ii) a donation directly to the tax-exempt Princeton Cannon Dial Elm Foundation (PCDEF), formed in 2013 when the Club was reopened; donations to PCDEF may be directed to it via check Cannon Dial Elm Club; PO Box 7788; 21 Prospect Avenue; Princeton, NJ 08543-7788, or by clicking on the link above for a secure payment, or, by venmo @cannonclub.

Additionally, corporate matching gifts are welcome as are gifts of securities.  Gifts of most securities can be made quickly and easily by electronic transfer, without the issuance of a certificate.  Please contact for instructions.

Cannon Donations Page


Cornerstone Contributors

Leonard Milberg ’53

Fred Bacher ’56

Robert Hicks (d) ’59

Anthony Atkiss ’61

Robert G. Fuller, Jr. ’61

Robert Myslik ’61

Donald Swan ’61

Michael Devine ’62

John Dugan, Jr. ’62

William Hilliard, Jr. ’62

William Langan (d) ’62

David Oxman ’62

W. Gerard Asher ’63

Thomas A. Broadie ’63

Vincent Hock ’63

G. Arthur Hyland, Jr. ’63

Edmund Costello ’64

in memory of Skip Grenoble ’64

Edward Murphy ’64

Bradley Wells (d) ’62

Kenneth Boudreaux ’65

William L. Davis, III ’65

Karl Ege ’65

Lee Spencer, Jr. ’65

Thomas R. Armstrong ’66

Brian R. Wright ’66

Robert Casey ’67

Robert Ehret ’67

Ronald Innerfield  ’67

Richard Prentke ’67

in memory of Jay Higgins ’67

William F. Etherington ’68

Robert A. Axelrod ’69

Charles Freyer ’69

G. Michael Gehret ’69

in honor of Bob Casey ’67

Michael  O’Neill ’69

Timothy Byrne ‘ 83

John Rustum ‘ 87

Bernard Stiroh, Jr. ’88

Tanya Pilipshen Guazzo ’96

S2 Foundation

Top Guns

Timothy Burman ’64

John R. DallePezze ’65

Ronald Van Buskirk ’66

Desmond Barry, Jr. ’67

Barry Evans ’69

R. Edward Chambliss, Jr. ’71

Matthew Flournoy ’76

David Kreisler ’88

Ralph Wright ’88

Mary Catherine Person ’93


Leadership Members

Robert P. Mack ’57

Newman Halvorsen, Jr. ’58

Hans Jepson ’58

Irwin Silverberg ’58

Thomas Riley ’60

Robert Villency ’60

Vincent Menna ’61

Theodore Newlin III ’61

Thomas  Sansone ’61

Steven Klausner ’63

Burton A. Weiss ’63

Richard Collins ’64

William Crano ’64

Charles A. Moran ’64

William Parente ’64

John A. Barrett, Jr. ’66

Ralph Davies ’66

Carl Feldbaum ’66

Mark Fleder ’66

W. Bruce Leslie ’66

Thomas Mineo ’66

John H.  Thacher, Jr. ’66 (in memory of Jay Higgins ’67)

Edward Benz, Jr. ’68

Robert Mauterstock ’68

Michael Ryan ’68

Richard Seggel ’68

John B. Taylor ’68

Stuart Dember ’69

Thomas Jelson ’69

Frank Thomson ’69

Joseph Hrbek, Jr. ’70

Ronald Miles ’70

Patrick Woodward ’70

Charles Grezlak ’71

Robert Daniels ’72

A.A. LaFountain, III ’72

Paul Ondrasik, Jr. ’72

Frank Ruyak ’73

John Bader ’74

Rudolph Beuttenmuller ’76

William Exley ’76

Rick D’Angelo ’83

Mercedes Naficy-D’Angelo ’84

John Agee ’86

Gregory Werlinich ’86

Mark Dexter ’87

Charles Harkless ’88

Brendon Kim ’89

Marissa Román Griffith ’90

John-Paul Madden ’92

Brian Kazan ’94

Eileen Ohnell Kim ’95

T. Wesley Templeton ’95

Rolando Acosta ’96

Jay Bockhaus ’96

Marc Chabot ’97

Patrick Leach ’98

David Coneway ’14

Rebecca  Lewinson ’14

Brian Ball ’15

Nick Donatiello ’15

Robert W. Dougherty ’15

Karen Macdonald ’16

Alexander Dombrowski ’17

John C. Hummel, III ’17

Phoebe Ozuah  ’20

Laura Pansini  ’20

Rawlison Zhang  ’20

Ailee Mendoza ’21


Alumni Members

Thomas Voorhees ’53

Donald Bear ’54

     In honor of Pablo Eisenberg ’54

Alfred Fasulo ’55

Albert Hinckley, Jr. ’55

Richard  De Cesare ’56

Benjamin Spinelli ’56

Gene Leonard ’57

Kenneth MacKenzie ’57

E. Barry Nann ’57

Samuel Scott ’57

William Yohn, Jr. ’57

James G.  Gilbert ’58

Robert Givey ’58

Benjamin Horne ’58

David Irving ’58

Lester Robbins, Jr. ’58

Edgar Stuhr ’58

     In honor of David Humphrey ’59

H. Emerson Thomas, Jr. ’58

Harry Begier, Jr. ’59

Charles Krick ’59

Henry  Maimon ’59

Lewis Chase, MD ’60

Vincent Lee ’60

Glenn Maddalon ’60

David L. Pearce ’60

William C. Roberts ’60

Thomas R. Donnelly, Jr. ’61

John J. Graham ’61

Samuel Leisring, Jr.  ’61

Richard Manning ’61

Theodore Newlin, III ’61

Willard Somers ’61

Henry Balfour, Jr. ’62

Philip X. Chapman ’62

William Newlin ’62

S. Bayley Silleck, III ’62

William Weldon ’62

Bryce Chase ’63

Steven DeRochi ’63

Carl Esser ’63

John Mills, Jr. ’63

Gregory Riley ’63

George W. Young, Jr. ’63

Edward Ambinder ’64

Norman Cantor ’64

     In memory of Skip Grenoble ’64

Anthony De Marco ’64

Terry DeLong ’64

Paul Gerhart ’64

Roger Golden ’64

George Khouri ’64

     In memory of Skip Grenoble ’64

Douglas Kliever ’64

Edward Murphy ’64

     In memory of Skip Grenoble ’64

Charles Sloane, III ’64

Lewis Sussman ’64

Peter Barack ’65

William M. Browder ’65

Richard L. Brown ’65

Randall Gressang ’65

William Gronlund ’65

James P. Luke ’65

Rand Mulford ’65

David Richman ’65

Richard Woodbridge ’65

Peter Cary ’66

M. Davis Johnson ’66

Robert Kopf, Jr. ’66

Robert E. Nahas ’66

Carlos Quijano ’66

Richard Raskin ’66

     In honor of Dick Fitzpatrick ’66

David Sonnenberg ’66

John W. Baylor ’67

William Emley, III ’67

Foster Flint, Jr. ’67

Walter J. Kozumbo ’67

John Lavieri ’67

Philip Lynch, Jr. ’67

Michael Stieber ’67

Bruce Trattler ’67

Lawrence Warter ’67

Jeffrey Baena ’68

Mark Blankenship ’68

     In memory of Colin D. McRae, Cannon ’68

Robert Bowditch ’68

Steven Buck ’68

Donald Dietz, III ’68

     In honor of William Etherington ’68 &

     Craig A. Stone ’68

Henry Doyle, III ’68

     In memory of Jay Higgins ’67

Peter Kashatus ’68

     In memory of Craig Stone ’68

Thomas E. Plank ’68

Anthony Sessa ’68

Henry Trimble, III ’68

J. Donald Adams ’69

James Kuzmick ’69

John Poole ’69

James Pyle, III ’69

Robert Slivinski ’69

Martin F. Smith ’69

Terence Young ’69

     In memory of Jay Higgins ’67

Charles Grezlak ’71

Jonathan Perel ’71

Emil Deliere ’72

James Graf ’72

Timothy Howard ’72

Frederick Kurz ’72

Dennis Murphy ’72

Wellington Tichenor ’72

Robert Grosse ’73

Robert Mancuso, Sr. ’73

John  Shapiro ’73

Gary Marshall ’74

James Rafeedie ’74

Richard B. Watson ’74

Gary Getz ’76

Mary Walrath ’76

Edward R. Carter ’77

Christine Carstens ’78

Gregory Kernisan ’78

Steven Levy ’78

Noah Levy ’78

Robert Blumling ’79

Hank Lubin ’79

Constance Monitto ’81

Barbara Moore ’81

James Santos ’81

Kenneth Margulies ’82

Pamela Birkel ’84

Frank Derby ’84

Tami  Diaz-Schofield ’84

Marc Andrew Landis ’84

Alex  Cist ’85

Adam Inselbuch ’85

John Agee ’86

Diana Peyton Kollevoll ’86

Susan Solinsky Duryea ’86

Jennifer Wythes Vettel ’86

James Devin ’87

Elias Abilheira ’88

Joseph Cassels ’88

Christopher Mueller ’91

John-Paul Madden ’92

Brian Kazan ’94

Carolyn Hoecker Luedtke ’94

Amy Staurovsky Randall ’94

Matthew Milne-Smith ’96

Margaret  Streicker ’97

Caroline Sincerbeaux King ’98

Michael Shanahan ’98

Jeanette Pipkins Skow ’98

Daniela Rocio Perea ’13

Caitlin M. Miller ’13

Max Coale ’14

David Coneway ’14

Mike Willis ’14

Lisa Fierstein Feit ’14

Austin Sanders ’14

Rose Alleva ’14

Lindsey E. Bergh ’15

Evan Perkins ’17

Ben Reynolds ’17

Quinlan Prchal ’17

Molly Contini ’17

Shea Minter  ’19

Christina Walter ’19

Owen  Tedford  ’20

Isabella Alarie  ’20

Jessica Harris ’20

Allison Harvey ’20

Carly Bullock  ’20

Phillip Robertson  ’20

Sophie Cantine ’21

AJ Chen ’21

Anna Durak ’22

Tavaris Noel ’22