More Officer Bios and Updates

Good morning Gunners!

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and a relaxing weekend. Below are some updates on the club, and more information on our newest officers.

Bicker Chair Jessie Harris:

Hi my name is Jessie Harris and I am the new Bicker Chair for Cannon. I am a varsity women’s volleyball player from Newport Beach, CA majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. This summer I will be working as an investment banking analyst at Barclays in New York City. I am also leading the class of 1974’s 45th Reunions at the end of this school year. I am very excited to help continue the great legacy of Cannon and bring in the newest round of bickerees next fall and spring to the best cub on the street!

Beverages Chair Zach Keller:

Hi my name is Zach Keller and I am the new Beverage Chair for Cannon. I am originally from Basking Ridge, New Jersey and a quarterback on the varsity football team as well as being an Economics Major. This summer I will be working as a Wealth Management analyst at Morgan Stanley in New York City. Also, I am a co-manager for the 20th reunion crew at the end of the school year. I am extremely excited to continue the success we have had as a club and hopefully I will make nights out, formals, semi-formals, and other events fun for all!

House Manager Carly Bullock:

Hi my name is Carly Bullock and I am the new house manager for Cannon. I am from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. I am majoring in sociology and am on the women’s ice hockey team. At home I volunteer for the animal humane society. I am really excited to help make cannon a home for all its members and keep the title of best club on the street!

We have 4 more amazing officers in our corps, and the last bios will be posted next week.

In other club news, we’ve had an exciting spring so far! Athletically, three Princeton teams have won the Ivy Championships so far this spring. With a 4-0 win over Yale this past weekend, women’s tennis has completed their second straight 7-0 Ivy season. Men’s golf has become Ivy Champs this weekend as well, winning by a single stroke! Finally, the men’s volleyball team clinched the EIVA Championship for the first time since 1998. We are so proud of our Gunner champions and can’t wait to keep up with their successes.

This past weekend, Cannon also took part in the street-wide event of TruckFest. We had 17 trucks, performances by Princeton music and dance groups, and a silent auction! Students and community members alike came together for a great day of activities ranging from lawn games like corn hole and spike ball to face painting and DJ’s hittin’ the turn tables. It was another successful year for Truck Fest and our mission to support Food Security.

There are a lot more activities and sporting events coming up in the rest of the spring, so stay tuned for more updates!

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