Officer Bios and Football Updates!

Hi All!

A lot has been going on here at the club! But first, as promised, here are three officer bios.

President Andrew Griffin:

Hello, my name is Andrew Griffin and I am the new Cannon Dial Elm President. I’m a junior Computer Science major pursuing certificates in Technology and Society as well as Values and Public Life (Political Science/Theory). I am also a wide receiver on the Varsity Football Team and was a part of the 2016 and 2018 Ivy League Championship teams. I am the youngest of four children from a suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana and have the Great Class of 1972 to thank for my financial support and the opportunity to attend the best university in the nation. Zach and I are managing the 20th Reunion this year, and we are excited to give back to the alumni, both of CDE and the University more broadly. Cannon is my home away from home, and I look forward to fulfilling my role as a servant leader to the members of the best club on The Street. As you have seen, and will continue to see, we have an amazing officer corps that is excited to do all they can for the club. I hope to keep in touch with CDE alumni, from the 20th century to the new generation lead by Connor Clegg and CK (Connor Kelley), in order to maintain the relationships that make this club so great.

Vice President Maddie Staczek:

Hi! My name is Maddie Staczek and I am the new Vice President of Cannon Dial Elm. I am from Baltimore, Maryland and a member of the varsity women’s lacrosse team. Around campus, I am also involved in SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education) and SAWL (Student Athlete Wellness Leader). I’m majoring in sociology, and this summer I will be working in New York City as an intern at a headhunting company for private equity and hedge funds, Ratio Advisors. I’m very excited for my new role here at Cannon and I can’t wait to see what our amazing officer core accomplishes over this next year!

Treasurer Kelli Calhoun:

Hi! My name is Kelli Calhoun and I’m the new Undergraduate Treasurer for Cannon. I am a varsity women’s soccer player from Los Angeles, CA, majoring in the Sociology Department. I also serve as a Student Athlete Wellness Leader and work as an Intramural Supervisor at Campus Rec. At Cannon, I’m excited to work together with our amazing staff, officers, and membership to make sure that we’re able to maximize all that our club has to offer.

Three more bios to come next Sunday!! In other news, members of the football team have been lighting it up on the field.

First, an article written on our very own President was recently published. You can find the link to Andrew’s article here:

Further, the “Ivy Champion Quartet” consisting of members Jesper Horsted, Steve Carlson, Charlie Volker, and John Lovett recently completed a pro day at the school, performing lifting, running, and footwork drills in front of NFL scouts. All four of them posted amazing numbers, and we are so proud of them!

In the 40 yard dash, Horsted ran a 4.71, Carlson ran a 4.70, Volker ran a 4.46, and Lovett ran a 4.56. For the vertical jump, Horsted posted 32 inches, Carlson posted 32 1/2 inches, Volker posted 38 inches, and Lovett posted 32 inches. The boys also bench pressed, broad jumped, and ran multiple routes. We are all so excited for the opportunities to come for these amazing athletes.

Stay tuned for more officer bios coming next Sunday, along with other club news.

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