Our Higgins Memorial Fund Recipients Say Thank You!

Commitment to membership diversity and inclusion continues to be an integral part of the Cannon Dial Elm identity. To honor that commitment, this past year we implemented the Higgins Memorial Fund:

The Higgins Memorial Fund, named for the club’s benefactor Jay Higgins ’67, will provide for the continued improvement of the club and its member experience including providing financial assistance to deserving members who experience a shortfall in their ability to meet their financial obligation to the club. Cannon Dial Elm seeks members who will advance its goals of diversity, inclusiveness and a lifelong commitment to and engagement with the Club. Operated under the auspices of the Foundation, the Fund will help the club to attract and retain such members, regardless of a student’s financial circumstances.

Our first round of recipients would like to extend all their thanks to our Higgins Memorial Fund Donors and express how excited they are to join the Cannon membership:

For more information, or to donate to the Fund, please visit our “Donate” page!

As always, Gunner Love!!!


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