Starting the Spring Off Right!

New Members, New O’s, Valentine’s Day Semi-Formal, and More!

New Member Initiations and A Successful Bicker!

This year, we have added about 80 new members to the club! Within those 80 new members, we welcome new athletic team affiliations such as Women’s Fencing, Varsity Baseball, and Men’s Soccer (just to name a few). Athletic talent aside, this new class proves to have a range of diverse interests and skills! While adhering to COVID-19 protocol, we were able to have our traditional Initiations at Cannon and welcome our new members with open arms! After the hectic events of Bicker and Initiations subsided, we held New Officer Elections. To learn more about our new officers, head over to our “About” page, and keep an eye out for a more comprehensive Spring Newsletter coming soon.

Valentine’s Day Semi-Formals (2/19)

This year’s Valentine’s Day Semi-Formal was a hit, as always! Special features included a massive balloon arch, festive photo booth area, and yummy appetizers like chicken-biscuit sandwiches and mini-hotdogs! Above, you’ll find pictures of our members in the photo-booth, including one of our 10 new Cannon officers…can you guess which New O had to be photoshopped into this picture?!

In Other News…We Got Pranked?!

Now we have photographic proof that everyone on the street is jealous of our cannon out front…here’s Bill mid-sentence, saying “We are the spaghetti kings!”

More News to Come!!!

We are looking forward to another great semester at Cannon Dial Elm, and I am so excited to update you on all the ins-and-outs of club/member life!

Gunner Love to All,

Cam (new Cannon VP)

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