Back to School!

Welcome Back Gunners!

After a long summer (including some website technical difficulties), we are finally back on campus! With lots of stories from the summer and some fun events to kick off the school year, I’m here with an update!

First and foremost, the club went through some renovations over the summer. The large windows in the Crane room were redone and look absolutely stunning.


The officers got back to campus a day early from various summer jobs. Zach, Andrew, Jessie, and Maddie spent a lot of time together this summer working in New York City, and the remaining officers were scattered across the country. Some interesting stories surrounding the summer jobs of officers and members will be coming out with each subsequent post! But for now, we have all moved into our rooms at the club and have enjoyed living in the best place on campus. Here is a photo from the first day of school:


Once everyone got back into the swing of things, the club started the year off with a wonderful lawnparties event. There was music and food up and down the entire street, and Cannon of course took part in the fun. The club social chairs Will Gladson and Taylor Baur did a great job planning an act with Concept, a DJ duo including one of our own members Damian Rodriguez. Afterwards, pizza was served for the members after a long day out in the sun. The club also hosted a tailgate for the first football game of the season, and many members came out to play games and have fun on the front lawn.


This past week, we happily welcomed 19 new Gunners to the club through fall bicker. These new members are a diverse group, and we are extremely lucky to have them. Ranging from the Israeli Guard to the Princeton surf team we have added many more backgrounds and interests to the club. Below is a list of all new members so if you see them around, be sure to say hello!

  • Elijah Barnes
  • Robbie Otal
  • Riley Held
  • Kalyn Nix
  • Donovan Coronado
  • Jeff Hollis
  • Sebastian Much
  • Jerome Desrosiers
  • Ryan Schweiger
  • Gilron Tsabkevich
  • Andrew Song
  • Katherine Leggat-Barr
  • Drake Anzano
  • Aidan Chodorow
  • Wabathi Ngecu
  • Krystal Veras
  • Reid Yochim
  • Destiny Martin
  • Aviva Kohn

Yesterday we had the first semi-formal event of the year, and Taylor and Will did another great job with the social planning and decorations. The theme of last night’s event was “The Catalina Wine Mixer” from the popular Will Ferrell movie Step Brothers. There was a photobooth, great music, and even better food. Bill and the entire kitchen staff at Cannon did an amazing job creating a unique menu that impressed members and out of town guests alike.


I will be posting a separate sports article tomorrow, as the club has so many athletic updates it calls for its own post! Fall sports are in full swing on campus and Cannon has representatives on countless teams. The football team has been off to a great start with our very own President Andrew Griffin tying an Ivy League record in yesterday’s win over Bucknell! I will also be posting a roster of all Cannon athletes (not just fall!) in the sports update so you can cheer on our Gunner athletes all year long. Be on the lookout for the next post!

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