Back Like We Never Left

After two months and eight days, the Club is finally back in action and we could not be more excited to be back.  Bill and the rest of the staff are cooking some killer new meals that we just cannot get enough of.  In addition to the great meals, we have a lot of other great stuff happening around the House.

Saturday night we were open for our first night and to say it was a success would be an understatement.  More than 1000 people were on the list and it was clear that Cannon was the place to be. The lines were remarkably long and the Club was full all the way up until we closed at 2 in the morning.

We followed that up with Lawn Parties the next day.  The lawn was filled with students enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather, playing corn hole and spending time with one another.  The weekend didn’t stop there as we opened up once again for all the party goers who wanted to end their weekend strong.

Intramural Updates

Sign Ups begin this week as Cannon looks to defend their crown as the top organization in the Intramural Cup Championship.  Cannon took home nearly 20 IM championships last year and looks to build upon that mark in the upcoming season!  Stay tuned to hear how all our teams are doing in the coming weeks.

Varsity Athletics Update

The football team absolutely dominated on their trip to the midwest as they defeated the Butler Bulldogs 50 to 7.  The Tigers scored six touchdowns on the day.  Each touchdown was scored by a Cannon member.  Senior John Lovett ran for two scores and threw for another two to Senior Jesper Horsted while senior Charlie Volker ran another two in as well.  Be sure to come cheer on the team as they take on Monmouth this weekend at 4:30 here at home.

Below is a list of Gunners on fall sports teams. Be sure to look for these names in articles you read on!

Womens Tennis

Nicole Kalhorn – Sr.

Clare McKee – Jr.

Gaby Pollner – Jr.

Tiffany Chen – Jr.

Women’s Volleyball

Jessie Harris – Jr.

Devon Peterkin – Jr.

Natasha Skov – Jr.

Nnenna Ibe – Sr.

Maggie O’Connell – Sr.

Women’s Soccer

Noe Kong-Johnson – Sr.

Sophia Gulati – Jr.

Ali Whiting – Sr.

Emily Hilliard Arce – Jr.

Women’s Field Hockey

Grace Baylis – Jr.

Elise Wong – Sr.

Women’s Cross Country

Allison Glossinger – Sr.

Laura Hergenrother – Sr.

Anna Jurew – Sr.

Allie Klimkiewicz – Sr.

Brighie Leach – Sr.

Maddie Offstein – Sr.

Madeleine Sumner – Sr.


Graham Adomitis – Sr.

Jordan Argue – Sr.

George Attea – Sr.

Tyler Campbell – Jr.

Stephen Carlson – Sr.

Jack Corso – Sr.

Kevin Davidson – Jr.

TJ Floyd – Jr.

Andrew Griffin – Jr.

Andre Guest – Jr.

Jesper Horsted – Sr.

Tom Johnson – Sr.

Will Johnson – Jr.

Zach Kelly – Jr.

Zach Keller – Jr.

John Lovett – Sr.

Steve Mejia – Sr.

John Orr – Jr.

Alex Parkinson – Sr.

Ryan Quigley – Jr.

Rick Raga – Jr.

Chris Ryan – Sr.

TC Schneider – Sr.

Cody Smith – Sr.

Eli Stern – Sr.

Jake Strain – Sr.

Charlie Tomassetti – Jr.

Charlie Volker – Sr.

Chase Williams – Jr.

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