Big Weekend at Cannon: Parents Weekend and Culture Night

Hi everyone, good to be back and updating you all on the recent happenings in the Club!

This weekend we invited parents to join us for Saturday dinner, some post dinner fun in the basement, and brunch this morning (Sunday).  Overall the weekend was a huge hit! We had what seemed to be close to 100 parents and other family members join us for the special occasion and fun was had by all.  The dining staff cooked up an incredible meal giving the parents a little taste of what we are so blessed to have on a daily basis.  This was just the beginning of the new officer’s campaign to get families more opportunities to come join us all in the best club on the street! Stay tuned for fall updates on our next parent’s weekend as we hope it will make this weekend look pale in comparison!

As the parents rolled out around 10:30 in the evening, we started setting up for the biggest event the street has seen in a while.  Alex Ford, Class of 2017, started “Culture Night” as a way to celebrate black culture and bring new faces to the street that usually do not come out on a regular basis because they do not feel like the street meets there preferred styles.  It was a huge hit last year in its unveiling so our social chairs, Elias Berbari and Keiko DeClerck decided they were going to continue the tradition.

To say it was a hit would be an understatement.  The list for the night had over 1200 (!!!) names on it and the line to get in started to form outside at 10:45, more than 45 minutes before the club was opening for the night.  The club was packed and it was a great success.  Check out the link to the video promo created for the event.


In other news, the club pool tournament has been rolling right along.  We are now down to our final eight competitors and competition has been fierce. Much smack talk has been spewed between the remaining competitors and we anxiously look forward to the next week as many of the games should be completed by then.  Hopefully we will be able to announce our newest club pool champion within the next week.

Have a great week and we will see you back here next week for more updates on club happenings!

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