Let the IM Recap continue


Sand Volleyball:

Riding our confidence from flag football, Cannon’s sand volleyball team was determined for another championship. Despite this sport’s unfavorable schedule that positioned games during the afternoon when many Cannon members had practice for their Varsity sports, we were able to rally a team that was impossible to beat. With each game Cannon’s skill and team chemistry grew, as each match ended in a victory leading up to the final game in the playoffs. The last game, though, posed a challenge. Cannon played an undefeated team composed of Cottage members, who were quite confident in their ability. With a crowd in their camp, the game was loud and intense. Yet, Cannon’s strategy and teamwork proved to be too much for their opponent as the game was won in straight sets.


Cannon’s team was led by a key player, Anna Broome.  As a club volleyball player, Anna was invaluable to our team’s success as she centered our formation and took the lead on digs, bumps and sets. Her performance earned the team MVP award.

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