Things have been BUSY BUSY BUSY at Cannon the past few weeks! We celebrated Halloweekend in true Gunner fashion, with lots of decoration, foam, and, of course, football tailgates. Princetonween fell on the same night as Foamcoming, our annual night out featuring a dance floor filled with glow-in-the-dark foam! It was truly a sight to see all the Incredibles, Spidermans, and even a Bill Conrad covered head-to-toe in foam…

We also partnered with other clubs on the street to do a cute trick-or-treat event outside the club house. Members took turns sitting outside with the treats and interacting with kids who were walking along Prospect Ave!

Aside from that, Cannon has been looking beautiful surrounded by the fall foliage, and we’re looking forward to more outdoor tailgates and formal events coming up soon.

Lots of Gunny Love,


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