Houseparties and An Action-Packed Beer Olympics!

This past weekend (4/22-4/24), Cannon held a “70s-themed” semi-formals and a “Candyland” themed formals to kick off houseparties weekend! For the semi-formal, members showed out in their grooviest attire, with big earrings, flare pants, and crazy-patterned outfits! The Candyland formal featured a piñata, confetti cannons, and lots of sweets!

AND…just last night we had our annual Beer Olympics members night in which members join teams and compete in relays of flip cup, dizzy bat, beer pong, etc.! Each team is assigned a country and competes for a gold, silver, or bronze medal. The competition was stiff, but ultimately Team Germany reigned victorious!!

Enjoy some content from these past couple events!!

From Formals:

From Beer Olympics:

Cannon has ramped up its events in the past couple months, and we look forward to hosting some additional fun nights during the final weeks of the semester!

Keep your eyes out for the Spring Newsletter coming very soon, and additional info. about Reunions 2022 at Cannon!

Lots and lots of Gunny Love,


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