What we’ve been up to!

Maggie Connors enjoys the sunset on the front lawn!

Cannon’s members are extremely excited to be back in the club, and have been making up for lost time by throwing themselves into club life! The club has been hosting activities ranging from philanthropic poker nights, IM’S, movie night, and the illustrious pool tournament!

Nicole Young Wins!

The inaugural poker night took place on the 15th of September. Our Activities chair Abby Myers has been fantastic in setting up not only these events, but the hotly contested pool tournament.

George Triplett IM Chair watches on as his team beats UCC in the badminton!

IM’s too have gotten of to a flying start with Cannon teams representing the club in Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, and Spike ball!

We know that the rest of September will be fantastic, and absolutely cannot wait for the what the rest of the semester has in store.

With lots of Gunny love,


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