Bicker 2021 & Meet the Officers part 2!

Bicker 2021

The first ever Virtual street week kicked off at the end of January and was by all accounts a great success! In order to get to know the prospective CDE members, our bickerees and current membership used an online platform called Glimpse to have a sequence of conversations over the course of 3 evenings. Despite this new format both members and bickerees reported that they had a lot of fun during the bicker process.

If you have checked out the most recent CDE Newsletter you would have seen a feature of one of our newest members Camile Reeves ’23 who had this to say about Cannon Bicker 2021; “I thoroughly enjoyed my bicker process! Getting to meet such caring and genuine upperclassmen was a delight, and I am very excited to be a part of such a great community.”

At the end of the process the club admitted 68 amazing new sophomores who are guaranteed to bring high energy and a uniquely positive attitude to our amazing club!

Of Course none of the above would have been possible without the tireless effort of last years Bicker Chair Alexa Underwood ’21 who pulled of the first ever virtual bicker extremely smoothly. Alexa has now passed on her role of Bicker Chair to teammate Julia Schner ’22 who is raring to go, and get stuck in!

Meet the Officers Part 2

Speaking Of Julia, she is our next stop on our Meet the Officers tour! Julia Schner is from Boca Raton Florida and is a Middle on the Princeton Women’s Volleyball team as well as being a member of Pi Phi. Julia is a Psychology major studying for a certificate in Gender and Sexuality studies. Please enjoy the following picture which we promise was not edited in any way.

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