The New Gunners are Here!

The Bicker Season has come and gone and we have welcomed 105 new members to the ranks of the Gunners!  It was a nearly record setting bicker class with over 200 bickerees coming from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Day one of bicker was filled with fun games like the classic Nerf Gun battle in the Crane room, the food relay race in the basement, and everyone’s favorite, silent karaoke in the Theatre room.  We found out that some of our new members can really sing and some of them, much like me, cannot.  Overall it was a really fun first day that helped us get to know our new respective members.

Day two was filled with sumo wrestling and two on two conversations with members to learn a little bit more about our bickerees.  Sumo wrestling is always a hit amongst the bickerees and our members and this year was not an exception to the rule.  The final day we had more conversations to learn about everyone a make new friends!  It was a great couple of days getting to connect with everyone and learn about our new future members.

Ultimately, after two days of discussions amongst members we accepted 105 new members representing nearly 25 varsity teams on campus and 35 different club organizations on campus giving us an incredibly well rounded class that we could not be more excited to have!

We welcomed them this past Saturday to the Gunner family and really had a blast celebrating as one big House family.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the selections that we made and look forward to the contributions they will make to the Gunner tradition!


Varsity Athletics Update

Our varsity atheltsics representatives have been killing the game as of late.  Bella Alarie of the women’s basketball team recently set the Ivy League record for points in a game against Columbia in addition to racking up multiple Ivy League Player of the Week awards! Myles Stephens and Richmond Aririguzoh have captured a couple Ivy League Player of the Week awards themselves.

The women’s Ice Hockey team recently won the Ivy League Championship and we could not be more proud of them in their accomplishments this season. They are first in the ECAC and 5th in the country!!! We wish them luck in the last couple of weeks in the season.

Adam Kelly defeated two Olympians in the Weight Throw this past weekend at the Millrose games in New York.  He is currently holds the fifth best mark in the country and is the top Estonian Weight Thrower in the World!

IM Updates

This season we have 5v5 basketball, Broomball, Dodgeball, and Handball.  We have historically cleaned up during this season and we look to extend out lead in the IM Cup Championship!


Sadly, this is the final website update I will post as we have new officer elections tonight.  It has been a pleasure keeping you all updated about the happenings of the best Club on the Street and I hope I have been able to keep you in the loop to the best of my abilities.  Thank you for your support and willingness to keep up with the current members’ pursuits!


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