Cannon takes Japan

This weeks post was written by our treasurer, Goodies. It covers her another Cannon members exciting winter break!
Jack Springer (Cannon ’18) and I went to Japan for New Years. Our very good friend, and my sophomore and junior year roommate, lives in Tokyo so we went to visit her with 3 of our other friends. We stayed in Tokyo for most of the time, but also went to Hakone, a quiet mountain town in a hot spring area, for one night. In Tokyo we got to wear beautiful kimonos (they even had one that fit someone that’s 6’1’’) that were all hand painted. It was really fun getting to try something so traditional, and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.
It was really cool being there for New Years, as it is a very big holiday in Japan. On New Years Day, we went to a shrine where we made a wish for the new year, and got a fortune for 2018. If people didn’t like their fortune they could have it burned in order to get a better one, but thankfully the fortunes we got were pretty good so there was no need. We ate a lot of interesting food, including Shirako (look it up if you’re interested – trust me, you’re interested), but most of it was phenomenal. I do need a few month break from sashimi though.
We did a lot of other things too: we walked around different neighborhoods, saw the Shibuya Crossing which is the busiest intersection in the world, went on a hike, did karaoke like the locals, saw Mt. Fuji, took a Japanese hot spring bath, and went to the Tsukiji fish market – the world’s largest fish market. It was an incredible trip, and I’ll have to visit Japan again to see more.

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