June Updates

Whats up Gunners,
As June comes to a close lets take a look back and reminisce about some of the top Cannon Memories of the month!
First and foremost congratulations to the the Class of 2017. You will be missed!!!! Thank you to our past officer corps for a job well done and a special thank you to Ford for creating the tradition of #gunnylove.
Inline image 1
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Many of the graduating gunners hit the ground running soon after they collected their diplomas. Jack O’Brien and his squad set off on their trip, driving “Old Relly” around the United States. For those who do not know the story, many members of the 2017 lax class bought a bus at a government auction for Epics. They have since gutted, repainted, refurnished and now have driven the bus to multiple states. According to their latest Snap Story they can be found in Vegas, fingers crossed they survive. Follow @OldRelly on instagram if you interest in keeping up with their adventures.
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Jack was not the only one who hit the ground running. Mason Darrow moved into NYC shortly after graduation to begin his work at the Players Tribune. He is now working alongside famous athletes, unfortunately he informed me he could not disclose names. Although you can catch him at an NBA draft party with some colleagues below.
Inline image 5
On top of national travel and famous athletes in NYC, you can also find gunners doing some pretty cool things in the more obscure parts of the country. This includes your own president who is operating out of a farm in Pennsylvania, building snowboards. The task is not easy, it takes days of meticulous planning and then days more of building. One mistake on the last step can take you all the way back to the beginning. See what he has designed and built below!
Inline image 2Inline image 1
Congratulations on all the accomplishments and safe travels to all the gunners jetting or driving around the world.





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